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How to Soften a Stiff T-shirt

How to Soften a Stiff T-shirt

May 18th 2023

A stiff T-shirt can be a real pain, lacking the flexibility and comfort of a well-worn tee. Whether the shirt is stiff from the way it was washed or just a lack of being worn, you can use a few DIY me … read more

Project Ideas for Iron-On Greek Letters

May 11th 2023

The next time you decide to do a little DIY, think Greek and tackle some project ideas using iron-on Greek letters. Display your fraternity or sorority with pride, with no sewing required. O … read more

How to Iron on Greek Letters

May 8th 2023

Every Greek knows how important it is to wear their letters, whether on a hat, a shirt or even a tote. While there’s no shortage of Greek apparel and accessories available to order, sometimes a … read more