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59 Slogans for Rush & Recruitment Shirts

May 30th 2023

Here are some great slogans to help you come up with the perfect shirt design. Our sorority and fraternity recruitment slogan ideas should give you some great themes. You can also use these sayings for posters or social media captions.

During the recruitment process, it's important to catch the attention of potential new members right away before another organization can. A good slogan can go a long way toward drawing interest so men and women want to learn more about how you can change their lives. Greek Gear has assembled a long list of clever, funny and inspirational recruitment campaign slogans that we can print on custom shirts. Instead of bid day, rush, and recruitment chairs spending hours trying to come up with just the right words, you can find them below ready for use.

Simply scroll down to find the perfect phrase or quote for your next rush. Some come from our staff, while others were submitted by our customers - but all of them will make others take notice. You can also use them for posters, flyers and other material that's part of recruitment. And if you don't want to be a copycat, you can use them as a starting point for something that's original to your chapter. Note that the text in all caps is meant to be replaced by whatever information is relevant to your specific organization.

  • We're not the best because we're the biggest - we're the biggest because we're the best.
  • When is the last time you did something truly great?
  • See what all the fuss is about.
  • What will your legacy be?
  • Life is about choices. Our lives are about the right ones.
  • In a world of compromise, gentlemen/ladies don't.
  • Never settle.
  • Strive.
  • A life is only important in the impact it has on other lives. Time to be important.
  • Pushing the envelope since FOUNDING YEAR.
  • "The unexamined life if not worth living." -Socrates
  • "The energy of the mind is the essence of life." -Aristotle
  • "The quality of life is determined by its activities." -Aristotle
  • Excellence through balance
  • (List all nationalities in your fraternity/sorority) CHAPTER NAME. Not just Greek.
  • Opportunity, Responsibility, Community.
  • Sorority/Fraternity redefined.
  • Because you only have four years to live.
  • The evolution of fraternity/sorority
  • The guard has officially changed.
  • Everyone loves a winner
  • Lead, follow, or get out of the way.
  • You know what it's like to always feel like you're in second place? We don't.
  • Fight the good fight.
  • It's like having an incredibly close-knit family. That really knows how to party.
  • Things are only funny when you've got someone to laugh with.
  • The only thing scarier than your freshman year of college is facing it alone.
  • Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
  • It's okay to be the good guys sometimes. Just ask your girlfriend.
  • They warned you about us. They also warned you about rock and roll, mini-skirts, and television.
  • We are all made of stars.
  • Consider the envelope pushed.
  • The bar is officially raised.
  • When opportunity knocks, get the damned door.
  • Individuality en masse
  • Like family, but with no nagging.
  • What good is Spring Break by yourself?
  • You already spent $120,000 on your education. What's another few hundred on yourself?
  • Don't be afraid of change.
  • Born in the USA.
  • Progressively different.
  • Based on being different.
  • Quantity of Quality.
  • Where will you find direction?
  • Who is pushing you?
  • How do you live?
  • The difference between density and destiny.
  • Find yourself.
  • "Those who say that something cannot be done should get out of the way of those doing it." -Chinese Proverb
  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood is thicker than water.
  • Is Bio-Chem going to make you a better man/woman?
  • Defining success one member at a time.
  • Climbing higher than Mt. Olympus.
  • You're born. You live. You die. If you're lucky, you experience CHAPTER NAME in between.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Not a college experience. A lifetime experience.
  • (Check boxes, all checked.) A degree. A best friend. A career. CHAPTER NAME.
  • The American Sorority/Fraternity.
  • Beyond the Sorority/Fraternity.

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