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Throwback Vintage Fraternity Shirts for Rush

Mar 23rd 2023

If you're in charge of buying shirts for your fraternity's Rush events, then listen up because Greek Gear is here to give you the edge on one of the best trends we've seen in a while: Vintage is in … read more

10 Ideas for Big/Little Gifts

Mar 20th 2023

Remember when you began your freshman year at college and experienced the first year of Greek life? Did your sorority Big Sister help you get through your first college heartbreak or your first fin … read more

7 Things That Look Good on a College Resume

Mar 16th 2023

Approximately 800,000 U.S. undergraduate students are members of sororities or fraternities. And since Greek life membership is trending upwards, we can expect that number to increase dram … read more

Sorority Formal Theme Ideas for 2023

Mar 13th 2023

Social events are a big part of Greek life. For sororities, that includes philanthropy events, socials, sisterhood retreats and more. Of course, it also means semi-formals and formals. Most conside … read more

What to Put on Your Sorority Stole

Mar 8th 2023

Graduation is a huge milestone in any sorority sister's life, and when you walk across the stage to accept your diploma, you'll want to make a statement. While many sisters opt for a standard stole to … read more