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20 of the Best Sorority Sisterhood Event Ideas

Apr 18th 2023

Is your chapter lacking in the sisterhood event department? Sorority sisterhood events are critical for fostering relationships and helping members connect. If you need event ideas, not to worry, because Greek Gear is here to help with a list of fun sorority sisterhood events that would be great for any chapter.

Think outside the box when it comes to organizing sisterhood events; all your members will love the new ideas and will want to keep the tradition going. Sisterhood activities should be fun, easy, and memorable. These sorority events are ones that all sisters will remember and will want to be a part of - at least, that's the goal. Some of the best sisterhood event ideas are the simplest ones. Just imagine all your sisters together, having good conversations and bonding with one another.

Browse through our 20 favorite sorority sisterhood event ideas and scroll through for details on how to make it a successful event!

  1. Escape Room
  2. Beach Bonfire
  3. Do-It-Yourself Crafting Night or Girls' Night In
  4. Roller Skating
  5. Laser Tag
  6. Backyard Movie Night
  7. Exercise Class
  8. Theme Park
  9. Charity Walk, Ride or Run
  10. Shopping
  11. Spa Day
  12. Scavenger Hunt
  13. Cooking Class
  14. Karaoke Night
  15. Volunteer Day
  16. Game Night
  17. Outdoor Adventure
  18. Photo Scavenger Hunt
  19. Talent Show
  20. Seasonal Sisterhood Events

Escape Room

Escape rooms are extremely popular, and with good reason! These puzzle games are great for team building and bonding. What's even better is that you can all work together to solve a mystery and “escape" from a room, making memories and learning how to work together at the same time. Discover each person's strengths as you solve clues and work to unlock the keys that will get you out in time.

Beach Bonfire

If you live in a beach town, this sisterhood idea is for you. Barring the need for any special permits, this is an event that you can put together last-minute, but it's also super fun. Gather your sisters in your comfiest sorority sweatshirts, beanies and blankets, grab some firewood and head to the beach. And if you don't have at least three s'mores, you're doing the whole beach bonfire thing wrong. We recommend having a bonfire in the summer, when the weather isn't too cold, and you can gather everyone together for one last sisterhood event before fall. However, spring and early fall are also great times for a bonfire.

Do-It-Yourself Crafting Night or Girls' Night In

There are so many possibilities with a DIY sisterhood night! For one, you can bring all of your sisters together for a night of crafting during Big/Little Week. This is especially helpful for those sisters who need some crafting inspiration. Second, you can do a DIY night when all the new girls move into the chapter house. They can craft for their new rooms and make their sorority décor super cute!

Here's an idea for sorority house rooms: Have members make door signs with their new roomies to let everyone know whose room is whose. They can create a cute bulletin board where their sisters can write them little notes and stick them on there.

Another idea is to have your sisters make homemade gifts for their loved ones around the holidays. Making a sisterhood event out of it puts everyone in the holiday spirit. You can complete the event by playing Christmas music and putting out some festive treats.

Roller Skating

For those who live in a coastal area, drive to the beach with all your sisters and roller skate down the boardwalk or pier. It will make for some really cute pictures. Don't live by the beach? No problem. You can also go to an indoor rink and have some fun. Check out your local listings for special events at roller rinks near you for an even more memorable night.

Laser Tag

Laser tag isn't just for kids anymore, and it's a great team-building activity. You might even have fond memories of playing laser tag as a kid. Whether you're an old pro or have never played before, everyone gets so into the competitive spirit when they strap on a laser tag vest. Grab your girls and spend some time being a little kid again.

Backyard Movie Night

Set up a projector in the chapter house's backyard, grab a ton of cozy blankets and snacks, and put on a funny movie. You can also go to a midnight showing movie premiere at the theater, which is so fun for sorority sisterhood events. Call around and ask about group or student discounts.

Exercise Class

Explore the fitness studios in your town. See what kinds of deals they offer for groups. They'll often give discounts if you fill their classes. Doing an exercise sisterhood event is super fun because it allows you to get active with your sisters. For example, a Soul Cycle-esque spin studio in a local college town lets sorority chapters fill up a class, and they will close it off from the public so that it's a private event. It features amazing, upbeat music, black lights, and high energy. It's a great way to bond with your sisters.

Some fitness instructors will do a demonstration class for a small group; you could even do it at your sorority house if you have the room. You can also wear your sorority shirts to the class to really showcase your sorority spirit.

Theme Park

This idea is self-explanatory. Theme parks are a lot of fun and are a great choice for relaxing and bonding with your sisters. Make it a girls' trip to your local theme park or fair and have fun riding all the rides and playing games. Pro tip: theme parks are also an amazing date dash idea, and you can often get discounted tickets with a student ID.

Charity Walk, Ride or Run

Get in some girl time and raise money for a great cause by participating in a charity walk, ride or run. A color run is a great option for plenty of fun and supporting a great cause. Get a team together with all your sisters who want to sign up. This is another way to get active with your sisters and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Some stores host sorority events where they close the store early and open it up to the whole chapter. You can get discounts and are free to browse the selection with your sisters. You can even bring your sorority clothing to see how you can best style it. Warning: the dressing rooms will get crazy!

Spa Day

Treat your sisters to a day of pampering! Book a spa day for the whole group or host a DIY spa day in the chapter house. Set up stations for manis, pedis, facials, and massages. Provide snacks and drinks and play some relaxing music to create a serene atmosphere.

Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt around campus or in the local area. Split into teams and compete to see who can complete the most challenges and find all the items on the list. Make it even more fun by giving out prizes for the winning team.

Cooking Class

Take a cooking class together and learn to make a delicious meal or dessert. Many culinary schools and cooking stores offer classes for groups. You can also host a cooking class in the chapter house and have a professional chef teach the group, or host a virtual cooking class across several different kitchens on campus.

Karaoke Night

Rent a karaoke machine or head out to a local karaoke bar for a night of singing and dancing. Encourage everyone to participate and have fun with it. You might even discover some hidden talents in your group.

Volunteer Day

Plan a day of volunteering together at a local organization or charity. This not only brings your group closer together but also makes a positive impact on your community. Choose a cause that is important to your group and make a difference together.

Game Night

Host a game night in the chapter house or at a local board game cafe. Play classic board games or try out new ones. Serve snacks and drinks and have a fun, relaxed evening with your sisters.

Outdoor Adventure

Plan a day of outdoor activities such as hiking or kayaking. Enjoy the beauty of nature together and bond over shared experiences. Make sure to plan ahead and have all the necessary gear and supplies.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Similar to a regular scavenger hunt, but with a photo twist. Create a list of items or challenges for teams to complete and take photos of. This is a great way to capture memories and create a fun photo album or scrapbook.

Talent Show

Encourage your sisters to showcase their talents in a talent show. This could include singing, dancing, comedy, or anything else they are passionate about. This is a great way to discover hidden talents within your group and celebrate each other's unique abilities.

Seasonal Sisterhood Events

These seasonal sisterhood event ideas work only for certain seasons, but they're still worth mentioning and jotting down on the calendar.

Ice Skating

What a perfect sorority sisterhood event - outdoor ice skating around the holidays! Schedule this event before finals or before everyone goes home for the holidays. Find an outdoor ice-skating rink and grab some dinner with your sisters afterward. If you can't find an outdoor rink, you might be able to go somewhere indoors, which is also fun. An outdoor rink is just more festive.


Host a Friendsgiving at the chapter house to celebrate Thanksgiving with your second family. This is a perfect sisterhood event to plan that doesn't take much time and effort. If you make it a potluck, each girl can bring something different. This is the perfect opportunity to use those Thanksgiving recipes we shared with you! Have certain girls who live in houses on their own bring different food items. Decorate the chapter house in fall decor, complete with autumn tablecloths, flowers for the table centerpieces and festive wall decor.

Pumpkin Patch/Pumpkin Carving Party

Head to the pumpkin patch with your sisters to pick out a pumpkin to carve. After that, you can head back to the house to decorate your pumpkins. Set them outside of the house for some fall decor. This is a fun, creative sisterhood event idea that everyone will enjoy. You will get some cute autumn photos out of the trip too. Make it into a competition by having prizes for the scariest pumpkin, the prettiest pumpkin, the most detailed pumpkin and more.

We hope you have an amazing time bonding with your sisters at your next sisterhood event. In the meantime, browse our wide selection of Greek merchandise and be sure to check out some of our top sellers .