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Leadership Opportunities within Greek Life

Leadership Opportunities within Greek Life

Jun 26th 2023

For ambitious students with a passion for service and leadership, joining a fraternity or a sorority is a great way to get involved on campus. There are also many leadership opportunities within Greek Life, allowing members to  develop valuable leadership skills that they will take with them into their chosen fields long after college. Whether you join a social or service organization, here's a look at some of the roles you might find and the responsibilities associated with each one:


The president is the head of the chapter and is responsible for leading and overseeing meetings, coordinating activities and serving as the group's primary representative. The president is often the go-to representative for conflict resolution and is responsible for appointing members for committees and volunteer positions.

Vice President

The vice president is the primary support and "number two" person of the president and assumes all of their responsibilities in their absence. The vice president typically has a specific area of focus, such as membership recruitment or another critical function of chapter operations.


The treasurer handles the group's finances and is responsible for budgeting, creating financial reports, collecting dues, handling any donations and advising the president on financial matters.

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The secretary takes meeting minutes, maintains membership records and handles all official group correspondence.

Rush / Recruitment Chair

The recruitment chair is in charge of planning recruitment events, including communicating with potential new members, guiding the recruitment team and marketing the organization to attract the interest of potential new members.

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New Member Educator

The new member educator is in charge of ensuring a smooth transition for new members and providing them with all essential information about the group. The new member educator will help teach new members the organization's values, traditions and what is expected of an active member.

Scholarship / Educational Chair

The educational chair is responsible for ensuring members maintain the required level of academic success. They may organize study groups, offer resources to members and recognize individual academic achievements to inspire other members.

Philanthropy / Community Service Chair

The philanthropy chair is in charge of coordinating the group's community service project and  philanthropic efforts. They work closely with members to plan and execute events, coordinating volunteers and choosing charitable causes to support.

Social Chair

The social chair has one of the most fun jobs in the chapter and is responsible for planning and organizing all of the group's social events. One of the best parts of Greek Life is the community that's built and social events are a big part of how members develop a sense of camaraderie and stay engaged within the organization.

Alumni Relations Chair

The alumni relations chair is responsible for maintaining connections with alumni members. They may plan events to engage them, set up mentorships, have alumni come back to talk to current members or plan professional development and networking opportunities.

Public Relations / Marketing Chair

For particularly large groups, a public relations or marketing chair position may be required. This person handles the group's social media and external communications. They may also help promote events and work to actively improve the group's image on campus.

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Risk Management Chair

The risk management chair makes sure that the group is adhering to all safety policies and charter rules. They coordinate risk prevention programs and help educate members on how to act responsibly. They may also purchase insurance for events.