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Sorority Big Little Reveal Gift Basket Ideas

Jan 31st 2023

The big little reveal is a pretty big deal in sorority life. It is the moment when you are paired with a little sister to help guide her through the process of becoming a member and navigating Greek life in college.

It’s also a time when you shower your little sister with loads of special sorority gifts, so why not just make a basket? When you have your big little reveal event it should really be special and fun for everyone. Explore these easy and thoughtful sorority big little reveal gift basket ideas for your upcoming recruitment season.

Sorority Tee Basket

One sorority t-shirt is never enough—especially considering all the things you and your new lil sis will be doing together. Community service, parties, date nights, lunches at the dining hall on campus, beach days, and social mixers. You want everyone to know that she is one of the newest (and cutest) members of your organization. Give her a basket of sorority t-shirts in various designs and colors.

Snack Attack

What college kid doesn’t absolutely love snacks? They get you through late night study sessions and time spent in boring mass lectures. Give large baskets full of mini snack bags for your big/little reveal party, or just sometime during reveal week. Chips, cookies, chocolate bars, chewing gum, and bags of candy. They will love you for it! You might also add a few gifts cards to your local pizza or sandwich shop. Be sure to include a lettered sorority mug in your basket for their hot cocoa.

Home Décor Sorority Gift Basket

As you know, sorority members love to decorate their rooms in their colors, symbols, and images as soon as they join. It’s sort of like a rite of passage. Fill a basket with sorority-themed home décor, including a sign or flag, afghan, custom paddle, refrigerator magnets, and a custom engraved picture frame containing your latest photo together.

Shower Caddy Basket

One thing that every college student needs is a shower caddy and bathroom supplies. One idea for a big little reveal basket is a shower caddy basket. Fill it with the following items:

  • Sorority flip flops (because we all know how vitally important those are in dorm showers that are used by dozens of other people).
  • Slippers to warm up her toes when she’s shuffling around her dorm room.
  • Bath towel featuring your sorority letters.
  • A giant plastic sorority cup for her toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

A Bejeweled Mini Basket

One of the first things many ladies will want as a gift after becoming a member is a nice piece of sorority jewelry. Select an array of sorority charms, little sister necklaces, lavalieres (drops), bracelets, or rings featuring your Greek letters. Arrange them in a nice little basket on a small pillow for presentation to your little sis. These are extra special gifts she’ll always remember and probably wear every day on campus.

Funny (Gag) Basket

If you and your little were chosen for each other because of your mutual sense of humor, you might want to put together a gag basket. Think a roll of toilet paper, karaoke microphone, talking baby doll, an empty box, or something that will remind her of an inside joke that only you two share. To add an extra layer of fun, play a game of “treasure hunt” and give her clues about where to find her basket. And of course, later, after a good laugh, you would present her with some real sorority gifts!

Additional items to remember for your big/little reveal baskets:

  • Custom printed sorority balloons
  • Keyrings
  • Notepads
  • Stickers and decals (for home and car)
  • Party favors (like can cozies, pens, and fun sorority glasses)

Get in gear and start working on your gift baskets so that they’ll be ready in time for the big day. So exciting. Don’t forget to get crafty and make it look amazing.