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The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Rush

Sep 18th 2023

Full disclosure: sorority rush is different at every school, but we're here to tell you what no one else will. We're covering EVERYTHING about sorority recruitment - the good, the bad, and the ugly … read more

What to Expect During Sorority Recruitment

Aug 21st 2023

Being in a sorority is one of those quintessential college experiences for many young women. It's something you can bond with your mom, aunt, or grandma about, and it gives you a group of friends y … read more
How Do Sororities Work? Let Us Explain!

How Do Sororities Work? Let Us Explain!

Aug 7th 2023

Going to college is both an exciting and frightening prospect. On one hand, you finally get to get out and explore the world on your own, but on the other hand, you have no clue what's about to hap … read more