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What Questions to Ask During Rush and Recruitment?

What Questions to Ask During Rush and Recruitment?

Jul 31st 2023

Rush and recruitment are a lot like an extended job interview. You'll be asked a lot of questions by the members of the group, but in turn you'll also have a chance to ask them questions. It's important to ask questions during rush and recruitment to get an idea of what the group is about and see if you'll fit in. Asking thoughtful questions about things like the group's core values, membership expectations, philanthropic activities, alumni network and personal development opportunities will show the sorority that you're serious about their sisterhood.

General Considerations

Rush and recruitment works a lot like an informal job interview and it's important to be in the right mindset for asking questions. Be genuine and ask questions that will help you get to know your potential sisters better so you can figure out if the sorority is right for you. Be respectful and engaged during the entire process and really listen to what the girls are telling you.

Questions About the Organization

A lot of your questions will be about the organization. Each sorority has a different mission, traditions and a different membership structure.

  • Mission and values: "What are the core values that your organization upholds?"
  • History and traditions: "Can you tell me more about the history and traditions of your organization?"
  • Membership size and structure: "How many members does your organization have, and how is it structured?"

Questions About Membership Expectations

Joining a sorority comes with a financial and time commitment. Make sure you're not overextending yourself by asking questions about membership expectations. There is always a tactful way to ask how much time or money being a part of the group is going to cost.

  • Time commitment: "What is the average time commitment expected from members?"
  • Financial obligations: "Are there any financial responsibilities associated with membership?"
  • Academic support: "Does the organization offer any academic support for its members?"

Questions about Social and Philanthropic Activities

Odds are that you're pretty excited about the social and philanthropic aspects of joining a sorority - and your potential sisters will be excited to tell you all about them.

Questions about Leadership and Personal Development

Joining a sorority is a great way to work on your leadership skills and personal development. Take the time during rush to ask about leadership and personal development opportunities.

  • Leadership opportunities: "Are there leadership positions available within the organization? How are they determined?"
  • Professional development: "Does the organization offer any professional development opportunities for its members?"
  • Mentorship programs: "Are there any mentorship programs available to help members grow personally and professionally?"

Questions about Alumni Network and Support

Once you join a sorority, you'll be a sister for life, so it's only natural that you might be curious about how active the alumni community is. Rush and recruitment is a great time to learn about the role the sisterhood plays in post-college living.

  • Alumni involvement: "How does the organization engage with its alumni network?"
  • Networking opportunities: "Have alumni from your organization gone on to successful careers in specific fields?"
  • Career support: "Does the organization provide any career support or resources to its members?"

Questions about Diversity and Inclusion

If diversity and inclusion is important to you, there's no better time to check if the group's values align with your own than at rush or recruitment.

  • Diversity within the organization: "How does the organization embrace diversity and promote inclusivity?"
  • Inclusive practices: "What steps does the organization take to ensure all members feel welcome and included?"

Miscellaneous Questions

Curious about the next step in the process? Speak up! Ask about housing, orientation and support systems. You'll get answers and the member you're speaking with will begin to visualize you as a member.

  • Chapter housing: "Does the organization offer chapter housing, and if so, what are the living arrangements like?"
  • Support systems: "What support systems are in place to help members navigate challenges or personal issues?"

These are just a few questions you can ask during the rush and recruitment process. Some of these questions may already be answered by the sisters in charge of the day's events, but if they're not or if you just want to go a little more in-depth, don't be afraid to ask. Asking thoughtful questions is one of the most important parts of rush or recruitment as it shows that you're serious about the sisterhood. Prepare your own list of questions as you go through the rush and recruitment process and make an informed decision when it comes time to pledge.

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