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How to List Your Sorority on Your Resume When Job Searching

Jun 3rd 2022

Have you been looking for a new job and finding it a challenge to sell yourself to potential recruiters? You may be surprised to learn just how valuable it can be to include information about the time you spent in a sorority on your resume, or even to talk about it at a job interview. You never know where there might be a connection between you and someone browsing your CV.

Highlight What You Learned as a Sorority Member

Some people think that Greek life is all about partying and having a good time. But it is also about developing relationships and friendships that will probably last a lifetime. Take the time to think about what you learned as a member of a Greek organization so that you can possibly list it on your resume or talk about it in an interview. Things to think about:

– Did you learn how to throw charitable events and raise funds?

– How did you go about organizing sorority recruitment activities each semester?

– Were you the manager of your chapter’s social media accounts?

Did You Hold any Positions in Your Chapter?

Being the president of a Greek organization certainly is no Cakewalk. You are responsible for attending local, regional, state, and national meetings. You are the representative for your organization. You must assign roles and responsibilities to various members of the chapter. All while attending college full-time! No small feat.

The treasurer must manage a large sorority budget and ensure that the chapter is financially resilient. That is an ideal experience to list if you’re seeking a financial position.

Regardless of the position you may have held, there’s certainly something you can talk about on a resume when you mention your sorority to let the hiring manager know that you are familiar with how to be professional and responsible as well as philanthropic.

Look at the Interviewer or Recruiter’s Background – Are They in a Sorority or Fraternity?

Would the hiring manager or recruiter have an interest in knowing that you were a part of a Greek organization? You might want to glance at their profile on LinkedIn to see if they have listed a fraternity or sorority. You might develop a camaraderie based on your shared experiences. Yet also, keep in mind that you never know if someone might have a dislike of Greek college culture for one reason or another. Use your best judgment.

Examples of how you might mention your sorority membership on your resume, depending on the space you have:

Delta Delta Delta; President from 2003-2005

Alpha Kappa Alpha, 2003-2005. Represented the chapter at state and national functions and brought meetings to order.

Sigma Kappa, 2003-2005. As social chair, organized recruitment activities and charitable functions for a chapter of 35 women.

If you have more room on your resume (common when you’re still in college and seeking an internship), you might list bullet points of your experience as a member, just as you would any other job:

Alpha Delta Pi, Finance Coordinator, May 2019 to Present

  • Managed a budget of over $150,000
  • Kept chapter up to date regarding financial concerns at meetings.
  • Prepared regular financial reports for president and vice president of the chapter.

When you’re looking for a new position, anything you can put on your resume to let recruiters know about your character and skill set is relevant. That includes your sorority affiliation. You might also find it helpful to check out our blog post on things that look good on your resume in addition to your sorority or fraternity. Happy job hunting!