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10 Tips for College Dorm Living

Apr 13th 2023

Not sure what to expect from dorm life? You aren't alone. Living in dorms can play a major role in your college life. But it can be a shock to the system, especially if you're leaving the nest for t … read more

7 Things That Look Good on a College Resume

Mar 16th 2023

Approximately 800,000 U.S. undergraduate students are members of sororities or fraternities. And since Greek life membership is trending upwards, we can expect that number to increase dram … read more

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Graduating Seniors

Mar 6th 2023

Graduation is a time for nostalgia, excitement and a bit of sadness. Whatever you’re feeling, we’re here to help commemorate the special occasion.While the graduate in your life is busy preparing t … read more