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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Graduating Seniors

Mar 6th 2023

Graduation is a time for nostalgia, excitement and a bit of sadness. Whatever you’re feeling, we’re here to help commemorate the special occasion.

While the graduate in your life is busy preparing to wrap up his or her college career, you might be trying to wrap up something else — the perfect gift to celebrate graduation day. Do you need a special sorority graduation gift? Or are you just looking for the most popular senior gift ideas for girls and guys alike?

Either way, we can help! See the top 10 college graduation gift ideas we love at Greek Gear. We’re America’s source for college Greek life apparel, senior sendoff essentials and every kind of college life accessory.

1. For the person who insists on not receiving a gift: Nobody actually expects to get nothing on his or her big day. For the person who insists "you shouldn't have," opt for something simple but meaningful. A simple piece of affordably priced jewelry for the graduate is a great choice.

2. For the one who has already booked a trip to Europe: We love travel-themed gift ideas for the graduate who's packing his or her bags already. One idea is to get them an interesting book about your graduate’s destination. Oh, the places you'll go!

3. For the college woman in your life: College isn't easy. Remind the graduate in your life how proud you are of all her accomplishments with pretty sorority earrings bearing her Greek letters.

4. For anyone who has ears: If you don't like music, we need to talk. What better way to send someone into the big-kid world than by equipping him or her with a premium Spotify or Apple Music membership? It's such an easy gift, and something many seem to take for granted.

5. For the person who really needs help adulting: We all know one. Four (five...six?) years later, he or she is still struggling to make it to class. This is likely the person who walked in 20 minutes late for graduation. But we love these people nonetheless, and (somehow) they've done it! Common household items, such as cleaning supplies, medicine, towels and dishes, are useful graduation gifts and an introduction to life in the real world.

6. For anyone: Everyone could use some money. Tuck a $20 bill — or several — into a nice card, and call it a day.

7. For your favorite fraternity brother or sorority sister: They’re sure to want some memorabilia that will remind them of their beloved Greek organization. Let them pick their own custom gear with a Greek Gear gift certificate. They’ll be able to choose anything from apparel to drinkware, customized with their organization’s colors, Greek letters and more.

8. For the one who's already decorated his or her posh apartment downtown: Another species of "I'm-outta-here," this graduate is so over the college scene and has already decked out his or her grown- up apartment. What better way to test their adult skills than by gifting them with a plant? Being able to take care of a plant is the first step in being a big kid. What's more, a plant gives off oxygen and creates a more cheerful space to live in.

9. For your graduating guy: Help expedite the evolution from boy to man with some grown-up essentials. Whether you buy him a handsomely crafted watch or a wallet that isn't falling apart, your graduate will love one of these gifts, mostly because he won't have to buy it himself.

10. For the desk-obsessed: Because nothing says "I'm an adult" like a paperweight or a personalized wooden pen set from Greek Gear.

We hope this list of our favorite graduation gift ideas for every type of graduate – from the ambitious world traveler to the graduate who isn't quite ready to be an adult yet – has been helpful. For more gift ideas, including customizable college graduation stoles for graduating sorority or fraternity members, shop hundreds of our favorites at Greek Gear.