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What to Put on Your Sorority Stole

Mar 8th 2023

Graduation is a huge milestone in any sorority sister's life, and when you walk across the stage to accept your diploma, you'll want to make a statement. While many sisters opt for a standard stole to represent their sorority while they accept their diploma, you can take your graduation look one step farther by customizing your stole. Not sure where to start? Greek Gear has you covered with some fantastic sorority stole ideas and inspiration.

Get Crafty

If your sorority is supplying seniors with stoles, you can still customize your graduation sash with a little arts and crafts project. Gather your sisters, grab some glitter and go to town giving your stole a more personal touch. Not only will your DIY fashion attempts help you stand out on graduation day, it's also a great bonding activity to do with your sisters.

Use any blank space on your stole to add something special about your Greek house, chapter or graduating class. Fabric markers, patches, glitter and iron-on letters are all great tools for customizing your stole. When you're done, you'll have a keepsake you'll cherish for years.

If you want to start from scratch, buy one of our blank graduation stoles in your choice of 18 colors.

Champion a Cause

Do you have a social cause that's near and dear to your heart? Make it known on graduation day by customizing your stole to represent something you're passionate about. Whether it's women's rights, climate change or clean water, you can use your stole to make your position known. Come up with some clever wording and then share it with your entire graduating class.

Pro tip: You may need to avoid politics, religion and certain topics to ensure you can wear your stole during graduation. Check the rules and regulations of your graduation ceremony first.

Buy Some Buttons

Buttons are affordable, easy to use and sure to make a statement. You probably have tons of buttons from your time in the sisterhood and your stole offers the perfect display space for them all. Attach buttons carefully around the perimeter of the stole and wear them with pride, remembering special events, fundraisers, your pledge class and much more. Each button has a special meaning, and adding them to your graduation stole is a great way to honor your time in the sorority.

Choose a Custom Design

Greek Gear has plenty of pre-made stole designs to choose from, but if you want something slightly different, one of our custom stoles may be a better choice. The 72" Two Tone Lettered Sash Stole is a popular choice, with options to choose your fraternity or sorority along with your stole color, trim color and imprint color. The Vertical Grad Stole with Letters and Year is another customizable option, with your choice of fraternity or sorority letters and colors. All customizable stoles from Greek Gear are shipped ready to wear for convenience.

Upgrade your graduation attire with a custom sorority stole from Greek Gear. Whether you customize it yourself or prefer to have us do the customizing for you, adding your own personal touches to your graduation stole is a great way to stand out on stage while also creating a keepsake you'll love to look back on for years to come. Browse our stoles today and choose from a variety of graduation stole sorority designs, colors and materials.