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Delta Chi Stickers & Decals

Delta Chi Stickers & Decals

There's always a good use for Stickers and Decals when you're an active fraternity member. This page is full of colorful stickers for Delta Chis and their newest initiates.

Do you have an iPad or reader device that you use with a boring light colored cover that you need to spruce up? The Oval Crest Bumper Sticker is a perfect choice, even though it was designed for car windows. It's sized at six inches wide -- the images are black. The Decal Oval Sticker has a similar design, except the letters have a black and gold outline for emphasis. Both of these stickers are designed for opaque surfaces or glass.

For a sticker that has more color, get the Water Slide Decal. It gets its name because you simply dip it in water and slide it onto the intended surface. You can split them up into two separate stickers if you'd like -- one with the crest and one with your letters bordered in red. If you want a decal that goes on the inside of a window, get the Long Window Decal for the back of your car.

Use Delta Chi Stickers and Decals on all of your personal effects, and get them to distribute as gifts to new members. They're affordable and practical.