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Delta Delta Delta Bags & Totes

Get Delta Delta Delta Bags and Totes so that you can fill them up with everything that you'll need for the semester coming up, including your phone, books, laptop, calculators and other school supplies. See what we have in store.

Many younger students find it more convenient to wear a bag on their back, so we sell a gorgeous blue Tri Delta Backpack. It's the classic book bag that you can sling on one shoulder or both for a comfortable trip to class. If you're a parent who's shopping for a freshman or sophomore member, this is the one to pick.

If you have an active life outside of classes, check out the Custom Satin Stitch Tote Bag, which only costs around $20. Toting this around is a bold statement that lets the entire campus know which sorority has captured your heart because there are four inch delta symbols on the front in a Chevron print. For a more understated bag, see the Canvas Tote. It's a slim bag that will fit a few notebooks, pens and pencils for class.

After you've purchase all of your new clothes, books and school supplies for the semester, finish up your shopping by ordering Delta Delta Delta Bags and Totes. Keep Greek Gear bookmarks for inventory updates.