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Delta Delta Delta Sportswear

Delta Delta Delta Sportswear

Join your sorority sisters and friends on the courts and fields this school year while wearing Delta Delta Delta Sportswear from Greek Gear. You'll be excited when you see some of the new items we have in stock.

Spring is a season of renewal -- especially when it comes to meeting your fitness goals. Gear up today with new sorority clothes for working out like the Delta Delta Delta Running Short. If you're going to exercise, you might as well do so while looking as bright and colorful as possible. It's a pretty shade of blue with a plaid pink and blue print on either side. Members also like the Rapid Short for Tri Delts, which features an outline of a heart encircling your sorority name.

No need to hold things in your hands when you're on the run when you have a Sorority Fanny Pack on your hip. They aren't just for your grandma anymore -- they're coming back in style, especially for active women. The front of the fanny pack says "I Heart Tri Delta." If you're a cheerleader, see the Black and White Short Sleeve Pom Pom and Leopard Pom Pom Jersey, while supplies last.

More Delta Delta Delta Sportswear is on its way since these items are so popular, so stay tuned to Greek Gear's catalog. Join the email list so that you'll be one of the first to know when new items are added.