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Delta Delta Delta Made Fast Items

Shopping for Greek para doesn't have to be a time consuming experience. We make it quick and easy with Easy to Order Made Fast Items for Delta Delta Delta members.

Scroll to the middle of this section and you'll find a Greek t-shirt that every new Tri Delta member should have. It reads Keep Calm and Ride the Waves in gold lettering with a blue dolphin leaping into the air. It's a great motivational message that can apply to everything from school to sorority business. The Love Mascot t-shirt also includes a dolphin image over waves.

Our sorority grab bags are very easy to buy and ship to your dorm. They're organized by the Greek Gear team based on item availability. They'll be filled with common items that a college lady might need, such as desk items and stationery, and wrapped in plastic with a pretty bow at the top. This is the right choice if you're unsure of what to buy for a new initiate.

Many of the Delta Delta Delta Easy to Order Made Fast Items we sell also have some really attractive price tags. Put in your order request today and keep us pinned for future visits.