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Delta Delta Delta Paddles

If you've ever seen a great looking sorority paddle and wondered where the owner got it, chances are good that they bought it here at Greek Gear. This section specifically lists Delta Delta Delta Paddles and Picture Frames.

It's not uncommon for an active sorority member to get two or more paddles while at school -- one when she becomes a brand new member and another when she becomes a big sister for the first time. The Tri Delta Custom Paddle is a nice choice for a big/little gift. There are two slots available for the recipient and giver name. For example, you might enter to "Big Sister Mary"; From "Little Sister Anita."

If you prefer a more elaborate and decorative paddle, click the Design Your Own Custom Greek Paddles link. One raw paddle style has an image of two sisters holding hands carved into the handle. Add the images and text that you want to appear on the paddle and it will be custom engraved.

Order amazing gifts for Delta Delta Delta members that they'll always love, including these Paddles and Picture Frames. After you've placed your order for a custom paddle, you have the option to share your design to your social media account!