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Delta Delta Delta Buttons, Pins & Magnets

Buttons and magnets are among the most inexpensive yet most expressive promotional items you can buy for Delta Delta Delta Sorority members. They grab the eye of the person you're speaking to almost immediately and only cost a couple of bucks.

When you wear your 110% Tri Delta Sorority Button you show everyone just how true you are to your sorority. Hook it onto your school bag so that you'll have it everywhere you go. The Flag Shaped Button is more fitting for a business meeting or networking event thrown by your chapter.

If you want a variety of buttons to pick from for your sorority events, get the Delta Delta Delta Button Set. There are three different sizes/shapes and three different messages of love for the sorority. The Sorority Buttons 6-Pack contains even more options, including a happy dolphin taking a leap over your letters. If you have a little fridge in your dorm room, adorn it with the set of three colorful Greek Sorority Magnets.

Put a jar full of Delta Delta Delta Buttons and Magnets at the front door of your chapter house to encourage members to wear para each day at school. This is a small investment in items that will make a big daily impact.