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Delta Delta Delta Stickers & Decals

You don't have to have a bundle to shop at Greek Gear. In fact, we have Delta Delta Delta Stickers and Decals for under $5 on this page. Some only cost a couple of dollars each, making them ideal to buy in bulk for members.

Buy a sticker for every notebook you currently own, whether it's your personal diary or the composition book that you write your class notes in. The Sorority Monogram Bumper Sticker isn't just for a car -- it is also a nice choice for your school supplies. Some members prefer the Tri Delta sticker that is imprinted with blue polka dots. Patriotic-minded members like the American Flag Greek Heart Shaped Decal.

Do you remember how exciting it was to sticker your trapper keeper in grade school? Now you can do that with your sorority images and symbols. Just buy a Multi Greek Decal Sheet and get right to work. There are over a dozen stickers in various shapes and sizes on one page.

Take a browse through these Delta Delta Delta Stickers and Decals. Be sure to check the sizes of the stickers you're interested in to see which ones will best fit your electronic covers, notebooks and other school supplies.