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Delta Delta Delta Pajamas, Towels & Robes

Getting a good night of sleep is about more than just having the right mattress and pillow. You also have to be dressed for comfort. Delta Delta Delta Pajamas, Towels & Robes will help make bedtime an even more enjoyable experience.

Wearing a robe to the common showers in the morning is convenient and comfortable. Just pop your toothbrush and soap in one of the large side pockets and go. There's a Delta Delta Delta Bathrobe with the sorority coat of arms and another that has a gold and blue patch seal positioned next to the left lapel. If you have a shower caddy, all you need is a Seal Towel Wrap, which can also be used as loungewear when you're in your dorm room.

You'll fall in love with the flamboyantly colorful presentation of the Love Bath and Beach Towel. The entire towel is covered from end to end with text and heart images. It will be just for you when you put your name at the bottom. Wash it and bring it with you to the beach or a park picnic one weekend.

Instead of falling asleep on top of a book in your jeans and tee every night get Delta Delta Delta Pajamas, Towels & Robes from . Also see the Tri Delta home goods, including blankets and pillowcases, we have for sale on the main menu.