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Delta Delta Delta Sale Items

Click straight to this page if you want Delta Delta Delta Items on Sale or at prices that will fit right into your college budget. $10 tee? $5 stickers? You know we've got you covered as far as price and style here at Greek Gear!

We are fully stocked with merchandise for Tri Deltas that won't put a strain on your budget, like the Discount Grab Bag. It's full of small sorority gifts like chain purses, water bottles and stationery (the exact mix of items may vary) at one small price. The Sister Set is another grouping of products that sorority ladies love to receive.

Love the Delta Delta Delta Life and show it every time you wear the Love Life Tee. It's a popular tee under $15 that comes in white or light grey. The Sweet Home Tee is available at the same price point and allows you to show both your sorority and state pride -- just choose the state where you were born or go to school to be incorporated in the design.

See what Delta Delta Delta Sale Items you can buy for the chapter as a group at a great deal in this section of . The chapter president and treasurer will certainly appreciate any cost-saving measures.