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Delta Gamma Sportswear

Delta Gamma Sportswear

There is always room in your day for athletic activity, whether it's a 5 minute yoga stretch or a full game of tennis. Enjoy those times in Delta Gamma Sportswear from Greek Gear.

If you've been playing basketball since high school, you know how valuable it is to own a lightweight tank top and a comfy pair of shorts. Pair the Lettered Ladies Tank Top (available in pink, blue and white) with the Velocity Running Shorts. Call a pickup game with your boyfriend or favorite sister -- you'll be throwing up layups and jump shots in comfort all afternoon long.

Stretch it out on your yoga mat in a pair of Spandex Leggings and a Crest Emblem Tank Top. Your Greek letters are imprinted on the side in your favorite color, whether it's sparkle pink or light blue. For a trip to the gym, throw on a Sporty Slub T-Shirt because it's made of a loose lightweight fabric and has a large v-neck to help keep you cool while you're toning up. The Delta Gamma tail logo and 1873 establishment year is featured on the front.

We're committed to keeping your closet filled to the brim with really great Greek Gear including Delta Gamma Sportswear. After you order, request to join the email list for updates to the catalog and special discount offers.