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Delta Kappa Epsilon Bags, Briefcases & Totes

When you're heading to campus for a day of learning, go prepared with all of your books, notes and electronics in one convenient place by ordering Delta Kappa Epsilon Bags, Briefcases and Totes from Greek Gear.
Part of being successful is getting your affairs in order, which includes getting your files and paperwork organized properly. The Crest Briefcase Attache will become the only bag you really need, because it can act as a portable file cabinet and a laptop bag at the same time. It's also good to travel with, and might qualify as a personal item on some airlines. The bag has a detachable shoulder strap and a carrying handle for your convenience.
If you're looking for a gym bag, we sell two types of Cinch Sacks for you to choose from. One is blue with your letters imprinted on the top over an image of your crest; the other is white with the crest image only. The latter bag can be personalized with your nickname or your jersey number if you're a part of a sports team.
Staying organized is of the utmost importance when you're at school. Start off the school year the right way with quality Delta Kappa Epsilon Bags, Briefcases and Totes.