Delta Kappa Epsilon Signs & Flags

Not every chapter has a master craftsman or artist who can create custom signs from scratch, by hand. You can check this necessary item off your list of needs very quickly by simply ordering Delta Kappa Epsilon Signs, Flags and Banners from Greek Gear.
Get your fraternity signs from this page every fall semester. The ordering process is fast, and you can feel confident knowing that when it arrives it will be made from fine quality material featuring your colors and symbols in vibrant designs. The 3 x 5 Flag incorporates all three of your fraternity colors (blue, red and gold). This can become your official chapter flag -- just enter the establishment date and name of your chapter.
If you want an expressive flag that doesn't have many words but still says a lot, get the 3' x 5' Flag that features the Rampant Lion at the center. Imagery is powerful, which is why this flag might be the most effective at being ingrained in the memories of potential interests.
Founded in 1844, Delta Kappa Epsilon has a rich history that continues to be strong to this day. Celebrate this tradition with quality Signs, Flags and Banners customized by Greek Gear.