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Delta Phi Epsilon Sweatshirts

Delta Phi Epsilon Sweatshirts

You need look no further for the Delta Phi Epsilon Sweatshirts that you'll wear throughout your years in college as a member. Our clothes are made of high quality material that will stay vibrant semester after semester.

When you're a freshman, the larger your DPE Greek letters, the better. That's why the Sewn Sweatshirt Hoodie is a top selling gift given to brand new members. The letters are 4 inches tall and bursting with color. Apparel colors include purple and gold, but you can also pick neutral colors like white and black. Highlight the Greek letters with a border and super background color so that they really pop.

When you're an upperclass-woman, you start to want to wear para that is more understated and simple. That's when you'll want to buy a sweatshirt like the Crest Emblem Hoodie. There's a small crest patch on the front that you and your fellow sorority sisters will recognize immediately. Chances are good that you'll get this shirt at a really awesome price.

One day, after you graduate from college, you'll still want to wear your Delta Phi Epsilon Sweatshirts -- they're designed to last. See the size chart we've provided to determine which size will fit you best.