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Delta Phi Key Rings & Keychains

Key Rings and Keychains are items that you don't think much about, but are necessities for daily life. When you carry a chain that features your Delta Phi insignia, it is a symbol of pride in your Greek organization. If you think about it, every teen and adult has at least one set of keys, and a chain is a must if you want to keep them in order. Of course, you could by a cheap non-descript key charm from a dollar store or convenience store, but it won't have the same impact as wearing one that holds special meaning for you. It's no wonder that so many of our Greek customers come here for fraternity and sorority chains. One of the first items you'll find on this page is the Delta Phi Pewter Key Ring, which features the Maltese Cross inside of a circle shaped wreath. The cross contains all of the key symbols of your organization, including the lamp, scroll, stars and hands of brotherhood. Put your special mark on the face of this key charm, whether it's your name of the date you became a member. If you're a college buddy of a new Delta Phi member looking for an affordable gift, Key Rings and Keychains are the way to go. We have more affordable gift ideas under the section labeled "On Sale."