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Delta Phi Umbrellas & Golf Items

Being a Delta Phi member definitely has its benefits -- especially when it comes time to have some fun. Make those special times even more memorable with Recreational and Golf Items from Greek Gear. A good healthy dose of recreation is a must when you work as hard as you do at school and work. What's your favorite game? If it's a quick game of b-ball, get the Mini Basketball Hoop and hang it to the back of your dorm room door. You can also bring it to your next barbecue and play a game of HORSE with your friends. If your favorite game is ping pong, we have special balls for that. The Maltese Cross is stamped on the side of each ball in a golden design. Buy a dozen or more for the best pricing. There are also golf balls imprinted with the same design for your trips to the local country club. Have each one personalized with a unique message, like "Semper Ubique" or "St. Elmo." And if you have a chapter puppy, show him or her some Greek love with a Delta Phi Pet Collar. Let these Delta Phi Recreational and Golf Items inspire some ideas for how you and your fellow brothers can have fun this spring and summer. Fun times are coming!