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Delta Phi Stickers & Decals

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to create new para is to load up on Delta Phi Stickers and Decals. They are secure and reliable ways to tag your most important items. The stickers that you buy here today will last you throughout your life as a college student. If you choose to carry a fraternity journal around with you to keep track of all your experiences, just put a Color Oval Decal on the front. It will really stand out on a black or tan journal. For the back of your cellphone cover, apply the American Flag Sticker so that you'll always be reminded of both your Greek and country pride. One smart use of stickers is to prepare folders for your meetings and informationals. Just buy a stack of white or blue folders and put the Custom Line Sticker Decal at the center. You can also print up white labels that have the names of your attendees or fraternity information. New Delta Phi members love getting Stickers and Decals as gifts because it gives them a chance to tag all of their things with their new organization's colors and Greek letters. Better pricing is available when you order in large quantities.