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Delta Phi Sale Items

It can be a challenge to manage your budget when you're a student. Luckily you can at least come to Greek Gear for a good deal on Delta Phi Sale Items. You may be pleasantly surprised at the prices you see when you click the image of items of interest. For instance, the Lettered Tee can be purchased for around 15 bucks, and this isn't even a screen-printed shirt. It has high quality twill letters sim-stitched to the chest. There's a Lettered Ringer shirt that has a light colored body and colored accents that's only about five dollars more. It looks perfect with a pair of blue jeans. Open the link for the State Shirt, scroll down and you'll see that when you buy these shirts in quantity the price per shirt gets lower and lower. Keep this in mind when you and your fellow chapter brothers are looking for bulk deals on gear for rush week and special outings. Stick with for the best sale items, deals and specials on Delta Phi merchandise. After your shopping trip here is finished, you'll still have enough cash left over to order a pizza with extra pepperoni for you and your roommates.