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Delta Sigma Phi Stickers & Decals

If your cellphone, iPad or laptop cover seems to be "missing something" it's probably your fraternity logo or letters! Fix that with Delta Sigma Phi Stickers and Decals from -- we have individual decals and sheets full of sticker designs for you to choose from.

You can use these stickers to decorate your dorm room or to "upgrade" something that you carry around with you all day, like your school notebook or folder. Just decide if you want to display your Greek letters, full fraternity name, symbols or a combination of all of these. The Crest Decal and Water Slide Decal are popular because they give you two stickers in one. Some stickers are made for the inside of a window, like the Long Window Decal for your car.

If you like variety, pick the Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet. This will keep you covered all semester long -- possibly throughout your entire time at school. If you're shopping for chapter supplies, make sure you get a few sheets of these to keep handy for upcoming events and ceremonies.

You can turn just about anything into "para" instantly when you have a sheet of Delta Sigma Phi Stickers and Decals. Order these in bulk for the best deals -- they make easy and inexpensive gifts for new members!