Delta Upsilon Bags, Briefcases & Totes

Long gone are the days of walking to school with your books in your hands -- nowadays you have all sorts of electronics that you need for class as well. Get Delta Upsilon Bags, Briefcases and Totes from Greek Gear to keep everything secure.

Going to college is a major step in your life that prepares you for a career and shows you how to navigating the business world. One important part of being a successful adult is keeping things in order. You'll feel like a true professional when you attend your lectures and meeting carrying a Crest Briefcase Attache. It's the ultimate briefcase for a student who really wants to take on the world.

Getting the job done at school is important, but it's also important to reserve some time for play and sports. When you come home from class and shift into "play mode," have a Delta Upsilon Cinch Sack sitting on your bed filled with your basic needs, including sneakers, towels and a change of clothes. The front is adorned with a blue and gold image of the DU crest.

High quality Greek Gear is what we're all about, and that includes Delta Upsilon Bags, Briefcases and Totes. When you order from Greek Gear, you're ordering from the best.