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FarmHouse Fraternity Car Merchandise & License

So you've got your dice hanging from the rear view mirror, steering wheel cover and seat covers, but what about paraphernalia for your car? Here is where you'll find FarmHouse Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames for your vehicle.

A lot of members get their very first car (not their parents' but one that's all their own) when they get to college. The next thing to do after you drive it off the lot is to personalize it with things that mean a lot to you, like your fraternity paraphernalia. We can definitely help you with that.

If you order a FarmHouse License Cover in bright green with large white lettering, the guy driving in front of you on the road won't be able to miss it. In back, add a Custom License Plate Frame (silver with a chrome background), which features your fraternity name and 1 line of free text. Get a pair of fresh, white FH Car Mats to replace your old ones.

Do you want to be recognized as a proud FarmHouse member everywhere you go? If yes, then order Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames from Greek Gear to add to your vehicle. We're at your service!