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FarmHouse Fraternity Blankets, Pillows & Home Good

Make your home at college much more comfortable with FarmHouse Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods. Every day you wake up for class, you'll immediately be reminded of your membership in one of the most popular fraternities in the world.

Your first name doesn't have to be Martha to master the art of home design. The best way to decorate your dorm room is with merchandise that reminds you of what matters most to you at this stage of life, like fraternity gear. A blanket or throw here, a pillow there and loads of home goods that will make your dorm room a green, white and gold respite.

The FH Afghan Blanket Throw is one of our most popular items for home -- an intricately designed blanket with green accents and gently frilled edging. If you want something that will cover your whole dorm bed with your fraternity images, get a Huge Laser Blanket in yellow, dark green or charcoal. You can also add a line of text to this blanket, sort of a label to let everyone know who your bed belongs to.

If you are impressed with this selection of FarmHouse Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods, you'll like browsing our Gifts and Merchandise page for even more paraphernalia. Click the main menu to find more Greek Gear.