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FarmHouse Fraternity Key Rings & Keychains

Want a simple and inexpensive gift that you can take with you to school and work every day? Order one or more of these eye catching FarmHouse Key Rings and Keychains.

The first night as a fraternity member is one of the best of your life -- you can look forward to a lifetime as a part of a historic brotherhood that has been around since 1905. Even the smallest of gifts means a whole lot, which is why these keychains are top selling items in our catalog. They are a popular gift under $10 for FarmHouse members.

For a distinctive charm that will be an upgrade for your recipient's set of keys, get the Pewter Key Ring, which resembles an intricately woven wreath. The organization's crest sits at the center. For a more useful gift, get the BevKey Key Chain -- it's green with yellow lettering and can be used as a bottle opener. At around $5 it's a very affordable fraternity gift.

Start here if you're shopping for an affordable yet practical gift for a FarmHouse member. Key Rings and Keychains are popular choices -- you should also take a look at our "Sale Items" section on the main menu for more affordable paraphernalia.