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FarmHouse Fraternity Paddles

One of the best gifts you can give a Greek, especially if he's new to FarmHouse, is one of the high quality Paddles in this section. We also carry Picture Frames that can be personalized for your friend or fellow chapter members.

There are so many cool places to hang or display paddles. Some members like to hang it over their dorm room desk or bed, while others prefer to hang it on their bedroom door. It also looks perfect lying down in the back window of your car. There are a variety of styles here, including the dark wooden Deluxe Paddle and the Custom Full Color Paddle -- both allow you to enter multiple lines of personalized text.

You might make an FH member have to hold back a tear when you present him with a gorgeous Wood Picture frame with a photo of his first day in college or as a member of the fraternity. The Brush Silver Frame is also a really nice choice, with dark wood and silver accents. If you know a member who is soon to be an alumnus, get him a Treasure Box featuring his graduation day picture and name on the top.

Take your time ordering these FarmHouse Paddles and Picture Frames to ensure that you get them just right. Get in touch with the Greek Gear team if you need some additional assistance.