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Sorority Backbacks & Bookbags

Sorority Backbacks & Bookbags

Now that school's back in, so are our Fraternity and Sorority Backpacks and Bookbags for members! Get the perfect bag to carry with you to lectures, study sessions and meetings this semester.

As you're getting ready for the semester ahead, one detail that you definitely can't forget is to see if it's time for a new bag for school. You need a bag that will be able to handle all your heavy textbooks, match your personal style and help you express your dedication to your sorority. That's what you'll find when you get a Sorority Greek Backpack from this section. It's a multi-zippered bag with compartments for your books, earphones, pens and more.

If you are always on the go during the school year, whether it's going from a workout straight to a study session and then to a friend's house, you might want to pick up a Twill or Greek Crest Cinch Sack instead. It's a bag designed for stuffing with clothes, shoes, toiletries, makeup, books and more. You can get one with your letters or imprinted with your sorority coat of arms and your name so that it'll always be all yours.

Keep checking back to this page populated with Fraternity and Sorority Backpacks and Bookbags from our catalog of Greek merchandise. You'll find more bag styles on our site as well, including briefcases and sport bags for members.