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Gamma Phi Beta Umbrellas & Outdoor Items

If you're looking to add to your current collection of Greek Gear, start with a few of these Gamma Phi Beta Recreational and Seasonal Items. They're designed with your recognizable sorority images and colors.

Poker anyone? If Texas Hold ‘Em is your game, play like a pro with a wooden Poker Set for sorority members. It's a neat little square box with a handle that's full of chips, cards and dice for games of chance. It looks extra-official with the sorority banner and crest on the top along with the establishment year of 1874. You can use it at parties and at important events, like games for charity and alumnae gatherings.

Another item that will likely stand out for you if you like sorority gear that features the color brown, see the Gamma Phi Beta Greek Lettered Umbrella. See yourself carrying this beautiful brown umbrella around campus with your letters on the side in soft pink (as pictured). It's also a great item for the beach or park.

Live the Greek lifestyle to the fullest, have as much fun as possible while you're away at school, and get plenty of Gamma Phi Beta Recreational and Seasonal Items for you and your sisters to share. Happy days are ahead!