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Greek License Plate Frames & Covers

Greek License Plate Frames & Covers

When fraternity and sorority members want to decorate their cars or trucks with Greek Gear, the first step is to order Greek License Plate Frames and Covers. These are perfect because they make it easy for anyone in front of or behind you to identify you as a fellow Greek or member of your specific organization.

A good license plate frame or cover is like a calling card to help you connect with your fraternity brothers and sorority sisters from other campuses. When you're road tripping and a fellow member driving behind you sees your letters and organization name lining your plate, don't be too surprised when you get a few friendly honks. Those driving in front won't be able to miss the Greek Lettered License Cover, which simply displays your letters in your org's official colors.

When your fellow chapter members see the Mirrored Greek Plate on your car, shining and glimmering in the sun, para envy is sure to set in and soon everyone who drives will have one! And we now carry Circular License Plates that feature either a Crest at the center or a Chevron patterned design. If your fiancé is a member of another fraternity or sorority, get a House United cover that displays both organizations in unity.

Before you head out for your next road trip or even just a long ride out running errands for the chapter, make sure you have Greek License Plate Frames and Covers on your car. We are happy to offer an extensive selection of Greek car stuff for members of top fraternities and sororities throughout the country!