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Half Off Ties

Half Off Ties

Why pay full price for boring, standard ties when you can pay much less for ties that are specifically made for members of Greek organizations. These Half Off Ties are perfect to wear with your favorite suit or a blazer and khakis at semiformal or business events hosted by your fraternity.

You probably know the value of paying a good amount for a quality tie -- especially if it's specifically designed for members of your fraternity. In this section, you'll find a set of quality ties for member organizations that are available for 50 percent off their usual price. Organizations include Sigma Pi, Phi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Alpha Mu, Delta Chi, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Gamma Rho, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Tau Omega, and more.

Since these ties for fraternity members are half off, you might want to double up on your order. Think of the many forums, talking panels, meetings, networking events, and charitable functions you'll have to attend throughout the school year. You can also make a good impression with your alumni at homecoming gatherings when you put in the extra effort to wear a fraternity tie with a nice jacket and pair of slacks.

No worries, a 1/2 off tie doesn't mean that you won't have the bottom half! Pay 50% off or more for ties that are specifically designed for members of your fraternity when you shop this section of .