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Kappa Alpha Theta Bags & Totes

One item you might still have on your back to school list is a new bookbag. Find one that's just right for your needs today in our Kappa Alpha Theta Bags and Totes section.

Every sorority college girl needs three things: her books, her letters and a really good school bag. The Select Emblem Tote Bag is a unique choice if you prefer to sling your bag on your shoulder. This zippered sorority bag measures 20 inches across and will fit a compact laptop, reader device and a few books comfortably. There are two mesh pockets on the side where you can store pencils, pens and small notepads. The Theta seal is featured on the front.

Whenever you get a chance to do some much needed shopping, bring a Pack n Play Tote with you so that you can minimize your use of plastic or paper bags. When you're not shopping, you can use this gold colored tote for packing up your beach supplies, including lunch, towels and paperbacks.

These Kappa Alpha Theta Bags and Totes are a fantastic way to show the strong sense of pride you have in your sorority while keeping your books and supplies organized on campus. Add a few of our bags to your shopping bag today!