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Kappa Alpha Theta Sweatshirts

Kappa Alpha Theta Sweatshirts

College is the one place and one time in life when you can get away with wearing casual wear in a professional environment. That's just one reason why Kappa Alpha Theta members love to shop this catalog of Sweatshirts for sorority members.

Possibly the warmest sweatshirt in this section is the Patch Seal Hooded Sweatshirt. It's a heavyweight cotton hoodie that identifies your sorority with a small golden patch. An image of a black and gold kite appears at the center along with the text "Since 1870." The coolest sweatshirt here just might be the Theta Love Hoodie. It's more of a pullover with a drawstring hood and relaxed fit material.

Greek Gear is always diversifying their sweatshirts catalog. One new popular product is the Snowflake Terry Pullover. It gets that name due to the "snowy" or speckled appearance of the 60% cotton/40% polyester material. It's customized with an image that includes a laurel wreath and shield containing the founding year of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Pick a neutral color like black or a bright color like cotton candy.

Get cozy in black and gold Kappa Alpha Theta Sweatshirts this fall. We have the greatest selection, period, of sorority crewnecks, hoodies and pullovers that you've seen online.