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Kappa Alpha Theta Drinkware & Glassware

If you're a proud member of the first Greek lettered women's college fraternity, surround yourself with quality para, including Kappa Alpha Theta Drinkware and Glassware. This page includes coffee mugs, tumblers, can coozies and more for the women of Theta.

Between handling the business of your international women's fraternity and attending classes at your university, you'll need to take a moment to sit down, relax and enjoy a glass of water, cup of tea or sip of hot coffee. You can enjoy all three in the Greek Bistro Mug. It holds up to 16 ounces of liquid and allows you to add a personal touch. Enter your name or a phrase like "Leading Women."

The Kappa Alpha Theta Glass Stein is a 13 oz mug that's clear so that you can see what you're sipping. Your sorority crest is featured at the center of a wreath emblem that's positioned at the front of the mug. This stein is so attractive that you might even decide to put it on display in your dorm room or apartment, or use it as a jar to hold your favorite candy.

We carry plenty of Kappa Alpha Theta Drinkware and Glassware in shades of black and gold in the Greek Gear catalog. When you pick the cup or mug that you like best, remember to add personalization where applicable.