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Kappa Alpha Mugs, Cups & Glasses

Over time it's common to develop a little bit of an attachment to the mug or cup that you use every day. If it's finally time for a change, browse our selection of Kappa Alpha Mugs, Cups and Glasses.

Instead of buying thousands of red cups for the chapter this semester, why not invest in a few dozen really good cups. With our Design Your Own tool (available on the main menu), you can create a custom plastic cup that's just for members of your house. You can also label them with the names of chapter members if you want.

In this section we've assembled an assortment of popular cups that are in high demand with KA members. For instance, there's the Nations Coffee Mug, with red and gold diagonal striped letters. Below it is a space for the member's name. The Big Plastic Stadium Cup is always a big hit. And of course, there's also a selection of glassware for gift-giving and formal event favors.

Kappa Alpha Mugs, Cups and Glasses consistently fall under our top-selling items category, and make awesome recruitment gifts. If you need help creating a custom glass or mug, reach out to the Greek Gear team today!