Kappa Alpha Sale Items

Hearing about a sale or special deal is always good news, which probably explains why this page dedicated to Kappa Alpha Sale Items is such a popular destination for brothers of the Order.

You need Greek Gear, but you also need cash for late night runs to the convenience store with your roommates. No worries, just shop this page and you can have it all. If you're looking for a few cheap frat tees to wear to lecture hall and parties, check out the World Famous Crest Tee, Whale Flag T-Shirt and KA Lettered Tee -- each around 10 bucks each. For a few bucks more, you can get a Lettered Tank Top for your workouts before and after class.

Other inexpensive yet ultra-useful Greek merchandise you'll find in this section include the Big Plastic Stadium Cups (red with gold lettering) and Cheap Pens; the latter of which can be used for school or recruitment activities. There are loads of other affordable items on this page that are priced just right.

Use your back to school allowance to order some of the Kappa Alpha Sale Items from this page. You'll probably still have plenty left over for your chapter dues and pizza Friday at the dorm!