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Kappa Delta Rho Mugs, Cups & Glasses

Whether your beverage of choice is a hot cup of tea or a tall cold glass of orange juice, we have a Kappa Delta Rho Mug, Tumbler or Glass that will become your favorite cup to reach for each day.
A travel mug is a must for a coffee drinker who never quite has enough time to enjoy his coffee at home. We have two different portable mugs for you to choose from -- one that is imprinted with the full fraternal emblem logo and another that simply features your letters inside of a swoop design. There are also two coffee mugs up for grabs, the Nations Coffee mug and one with the KDR crest in bright orange and blue.
There is glassware in this section that is fine enough to put on display in a trophy case, including the Ceramic Stein. It's a classic fraternity mug with an extra-large handle and beautiful accents and trimming. The front of the stein mug contains the circular crest emblem that includes the fraternity's founding year, name and crest image.
Order Kappa Delta Rho Mugs, Cups and Glasses for yourself or a friend in the fraternity. Quantity discounts may apply for large chapter orders.