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Kappa Delta Rho Robes, Towels & Slippers

You can get so many different types of items here at Greek Gear, including items that you'll wear in the comfort of your home. That includes Kappa Delta Rho Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels embossed with your fraternal images.
You always make it a point to look good when you step out of the house, so why not do the same when you're just relaxing at home. A good robe is the ultimate in home wear -- the Crest Bathrobe that we sell is just what the doctor ordered on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It has three-quarter length sleeves and a belt to secure it around you r waist. Match that up with a pair of Black Solid Slippers and you're the picture of comfort.
Fraternity towels are also hot selling items at Greek Gear. There a Giant Beach Towel that we sell for KDR members that has a blue background and orange lettering stretching from end to end. The Crest Golf Towel is a good white towel to hang in your chapter house for hand or face drying.
If your old robe and slippers has seen better days, upgrade the pair with Kappa Delta Rho Gear. In addition to the Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels in this section, you'll find more listed on the main menu.