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Kappa Delta Jewelry

Whether you're going to a high-profile gala or going on a date with your beau, Kappa Delta Jewelry and Lavalieres will be the perfect addition to your outfit.

People notice small things, like a really nice ring -- both women and men. It brings attention to your fingers, and if you have a fresh manicure that is a good thing. We sell a Sterling Silver Heart Ring Set with Lab Created Diamonds that features your Kappa Delta letters that is a wonderful way to express how much you love your sorority. The letters are surrounded by a heart with accent stones that sparkle and shine.

Another noticeable piece of jewelry is a beautiful bracelet. Scroll through that section to see the olive green Kappa Delta Bangle. It's a nice piece of jewelry to wear every day, with a t-shirt and jeans. If you prefer one that you would want to wear on a hot date, get the Expandable Bracelet. One charm is stamped with your letters and the other is shaped like your Nautilus shell sorority symbol.

If you're here to buy Kappa Delta Jewelry and Lavalieres for a young lady who's at school, just direct it to her college address. She'll love whatever you get her from this section!