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Kappa Delta Buttons, Pins & Magnets

Greek Gear is conveniently organized so that you can quickly find every small sorority item you have in mind, like these Kappa Delta Buttons and Magnets. They're often purchased ahead of recruitment season.

The more often you wear your sorority buttons, the more apparent it is that you're a dedicated member of the sisterhood. You might as well attach a few to your favorite jacket, coat or pullover. Order the green Button Set or Button 3 Pack for recruitment events. Each one is a little bit different, a plaid pattern here a heart shaped pattern there. Mix things up even more by ordering the Sorority Buttons 6-Pack, which includes some of our most popular buttons.

Get a bit of sorority inspiration every time you open your dorm room fridge when you have it covered with Kappa Delta magnets. The Sweet Home Ceramic Magnet can be made with an image of your home state if you're going to an out-of-state school to remind you that home is where the heart is. Type in a line of personalized text to be printed on the side, such as "Honorable and Beautiful."

Once you've added a few of these colorful Kappa Delta Buttons and Magnets to your Greek Gear shopping bag, click the "Keep Shopping" button to see the many other small sorority gifts we have in store.