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Kappa Kappa Gamma Bags & Totes

Treat yourself to a special Kappa Kappa Gamma Bag or Tote today. It's a highly worthwhile purchase when you consider the quality and value of Greek Gear's sorority products.

You don't have to pay a bundle on quality school supplies made for Greeks as you'll soon learn after shopping our site. In fact, you'll probably find that our supplies are more affordable than what you'd find in brick and mortar stores. For instance, for around $15 you can get a gorgeous blue Kappa Kappa Gamma Drawstring Backpack. It's a lightweight bag for those light days at school when you only have one or two classes or exams to take.

When you have Kappa Kappa Gamma Bags and Totes you can pretty much wear para every day of the week while at school. Find the style that's just right for you today.