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Kappa Kappa Gamma Stickers & Decals

There's a place on your desk, on your dresser or on the supplies you use every day for colorful light and dark blue Kappa Kappa Gamma Stickers and Decals. Pick out a few attractive sticker styles today.

Put a KKG Sorority Love Sticker on your ceiling so that whenever you look up at night before bed you'll see your sorority letters and be reminded of the love you have for your organization. The I Love Kappa Bumper Sticker expresses your feelings with a cute little light blue heart. The Floral Greek Letter Sticker will look really nice positioned at the top of your desk -- it's covered with images of flowers and shaped into your sorority letters.

For around $2 you can order the Sorority Monogram Bumper Sticker for your car. Place it on your back bumper or on the back side window. It's also perfect the feature on your new school supplies, including composition books, folders and binders. Interests notice small things like this and will be more apt to approach you on campus to talk about what's required to join your sorority.

Use these Kappa Kappa Gamma Stickers and Decals to add color to your life in general and your dorm room in particular. Also see the "car merchandise" section for more stickers you can put on your vehicle.